Team first atmosphere. We promote a solid team environment for all our employees by focusing on development and communication.


Growth. We push all our employees to grow to the highest level of their potential. There are great management opportunities available.


Fun. We strive to have a fun and challenging work environment. Making sure people feel connected to the company and work they are doing. 


Various work locations. We are often on the move from location to location. You are never stuck in once spot for too long. 


First rate management. Trained and experience managers are able to guide new employees in the right direction. 


Safety First. We strive to create a safe work environment at all times. Safety for all employees will always be first and foremost. 


Professionalism. Just as we ask for respect from our employees we ask the same of our customers to create a great work environment.

What do you get as an employee at Capital Window Cleaning?

We take our work seriously and are always looking for hard working people with positive personalities. Both full and part time positions are available. 

If you are interested please email your resume and availability to: