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Multi Service

We at Capital Window Cleaning are constantly looking to offer more services that fit into what our customers need. Email us anytime if you need a quote.


Gutter Guard Installation

Ask us about our Alu-Rex gutter guards. We can help with the problem eavestroughs and stop the issues before they start.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel Cleaning

Using our soft bristle brushes and purified water cleaning system we can safely clean dust and dirt that has accumulated on the panels. 

Led Lamp

Light Bulb Replacement

For those hard to reach exterior or interior lights. We can take care of replacing that old or burnt out light bulb.


Eaves Repairs/Installation

We can fix your existing eaves and downspouts or install new eavestroughing for your house or commercial building.

Roof Shingles

Visual Roof Inspection

We will access the roof area and take detailed photos along with notes about each area of the roof.


Eavestrough Supplies

We can supply all eavestrough parts and custom pieces. Ask us about what we can do for you DIY installation.

Dryer Vent.jfif

Dryer Vent Replacement

Replacement includes removal of old vent, hand clean of debris up to 18 inches and installation of new vent.


Small Siding/Caulking Repairs

We can replace pieces of siding that have come off or add screws to existing siding and soffits. Email us for a quote. 

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