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  Eavestrough Repairs & Installation

CWC Eavestroughs

- New installations

- Full removal of existing eavestroughs

- Small repairs to existing eavestroughs and downspouts

- Alu-Rex gutter guards installation options

- Extension of downspouts or new o-tube options

- Full eavestrough production for pick up or drop off

- Sales of eavestrough materials

What can we do?

1. Full installation of new eavestroughs, includes design and guarantee


2. Existing eavestroughs:

   - Removal of existing eavestroughs and and full installation

   - Repairs of specific areas

   - Addition of downspouts or gutter guards

   - Extension of downspouts

   - Move or eliminate downspouts/eavestroughs

   - Re-slope sagging eavestroughs


3. Eavestrough Manufacturing/Parts Sales:

   - Production of 5 of 6" eavestroughing for pick up or drop off

     (specific measurements and colour needed)

   - Parts sales: downspouts, elbows, screws, gutter guards, etc.

Climbing a Ladder

Quality Work Guaranteed

We offer top quality installation and products to protect your home. 


Custom Seamless

Residential and Commercial

5 &6 inch K Style gutters.

Manufactured and custom made on site.


Alu-Rex Gutter Guards

Be proactive and protect your gutters from getting clogged. We have all the styles you need for the latest protection

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